I sent a dump of this but it is 140Kb and the list moderator stopped it.

There are three devices in the dump, link is running at 54Mb
D-Link - the router
Cc&C - the ZD1211
Cisco - server, hooked to the router via ethernet

The two sides are obviously having a great deal of trouble seeing each
other's acks. But my kismet device (Nokia 770) can pick up everything
without problem.

I'm getting 100's of these messages, usb 5-1.3: handle_retry_failed_int() retry
failed interrupt, which correspond to all of the retried acks.

Given that my kismet device can record everything in this session the
transmitters on both sides appear to be working properly. My bet is
that the receive code for packets with short preambles is broken on
the zd1211 side. Sometimes they get through, but a lot of time they
don't. The smaller the packet is seems the more likely it seems to be

>From the trace it is pretty obvious why speed if being limited in
54Mb; more than half the packets required multiple retransmissions of
the ack from the router.

I am using the code from the wireless-dev tree and have ported it to
2.6.20-rc2 (requires changing about 10 lines to adjust for workqueue

Jon Smirl

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