Jon Smirl wrote:
> I just did a 15GB copy test and averaged 13Mb/sec, Windows can copy
> the same files at 19Mb/sec. It appears that CIFS has higher throughput
> than SMBFS (10Mb).

I think using such a high level protocol for speed tests is a mistake 
and has certainly wasted some of your time so far. You should try 
low-level TCP transfers using netcat or something. I have personally had 
trouble making cifs/samba perform at something comparable to the 
available network bandwidth.

You should also now retest the vendor driver and see if you can 
reproduce the vendor-driver-is-2x-faster thing.

You also need to explicitly test downstream and upstream separately, and 
classify the problems by direction.

> I have 1000's of these in my log. 10-15 per second
> handle_retry_failed_int() retry failed interrupt

These are generated for frame transmission failures (read: no ACK). You 
get several of them for each frame as they are retried multiple times 
before it gives up.

> I also have a few of these, once every minute
> [21901.205436] zd1211rw 5-1.4:1.0: zd_usb_ioread16v() read timed out
> [21901.205442] zd1211rw 5-1.4:1.0: zd_chip_control_leds error -110

You could try disabling the LED code and seeing if that has an effect on 

> Hit an assert:
> Jan  4 16:53:21 jonsmirl kernel: [19010.649771]
> drivers/net/wireless/zd1211rw/zd_chip.c:1461 ASSERT r >= 0 VIOLATED!
> Jan  4 16:53:21 jonsmirl kernel: [19010.649790]
> [pg0+946006505/1069057024] zd_rx_qual_percent+0x49/0x170 [zd1211rw]

> Jan  4 16:53:21 jonsmirl kernel: [19010.649987] zd1211rw 5-1.4:1.0:
> zd_mac_rx() Error in packet.

CRC failed, ignore it, frame was discarded.


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