Jon Smirl wrote:
> I'll have to rearrange my hardware to do netcat type of testing. Is
> there any way to get two zd1211rw devices talking to each other?

If you do that then the "percentage error" doubles and you also can't 
really draw any reliable conclusions. You want to be using one zd1211rw 
connecting to an AP which is wired to another system.

> Linux version of the vendor driver is running about the same speed as
> zd1211rw. It it the Windows version of the vendor driver that is
> faster for the copies. About 50% right now.

Then perhaps you should try harder to get more speed, so that you can 
see the difference, which has been verified by a few people very 
recently. It will be much much easier to work towards the performance of 
Linux vendor driver if you can drive yourself to do so.

> I got 89,330 of these over the 2.5hr copy. There were about 10M
> outbound packets so that implies a packet transmission failure rate of
> 1% (or received ack failure). 89K seems like a lot given that I only
> got one CRC error in 15GB.

It doesn't mean 89330 failed frames, it means 89330 total failed 
transmissions of <some smaller number> of frames.

> I'll try adding some more hints to the debug output. I wouldn't expect
> to retransmit enough times to cause a frame transmission error.

You get a retry_failed interrupt upon every retransmission. The final 
one has a flag to say "if this one doesn't get acked, then I'm giving up".

> That might be worthwhile, doesn't that pending read block the whole
> USB channel while it is timing out?



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