The problem here is that I'm not sure that Sony's modifications to the Linux
kernel are all in the main tree yet. Understand, you're dealing with an
architecture that doesn't have a IDE bus, for one, and that has to
communicate with the hardware through the hypervisor (a virtualization)

So we're all working with a hacked 2.6.16 kernel that Sony provides. My
understanding is that a lot of PS3 things have been added to the 2.6.20
kernel, but I really don't know how much, or whether they are adequate to
run the box.

Finally, at least one of the problems in the compile below is the lack of
adequate compiler flags for the PPC64/Cell architecture. Some guesses as to
flags to try would be appreciated.


David Myers.


may I suggest, that you try to compile a newer kernel. The zd1211rw  
driver does run under x86, PPC32, x86-64 and ARM. So I'm pretty sure,  
it will run under the PS3 too.

Kind regards,


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