Obviously my RF is not supported:

Feb 11 23:17:38 sandra-laptop kernel: [11661.676000] usbcore: deregistering 
interface driver zd1211rw
Feb 11 23:17:42 sandra-laptop kernel: [11666.308000] zd1211rw 2-1:1.0: RF 
UW2453_RF 0x9 is not supported
Feb 11 23:17:43 sandra-laptop kernel: [11666.420000] usb 2-1: reset high speed 
USB device using ehci_hcd and address 2
Feb 11 23:17:43 sandra-laptop kernel: [11666.552000] usbcore: registered new 
interface driver zd1211rw

i googled this RF e.g. here:

what to do now?

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