Diego Sevilla Ruiz wrote:
> Hi, Daniel:
>       I'm sorry, I was really tired after an evening of trying to
> configure the card...
>       OK, here is the detailed data: I bought a SMC ez-connect g
> wireless USB. (SMCWUSB-G) USB id: 083a:4505. I downloaded the community
> driver r83 plus the firmware v1.3 from the web site zd1211.ath.cx,
> compiled it (the zd1211b version) and worked for kernel 2.6.17.

This device ID didn't make it into 2.6.20, but will be included in 
2.6.21-rc1 and later.

It is safe to manually add it to your kernel for now by editing the 
source as described on the UntestedWithRewrite page. Alternatively you 
could file a bug with your distro asking them to patch it in and release 
new kernel packages.

>       OK, however, the question is simple: anybody got a SMCWUSB-G (or
> anything with the zd1211b chipset) working in kernel 2.6.20?

A device with this ID was definitely confirmed to be working when the ID 
was added manually.


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