On 07-04-18 10:38 Gomathi sankar wrote:

> Hi ,
> I like to contribute in the zd1211 developers unit. May i know what is the
> procedure join as a developer.
> Thanks & Regards
> Gomathisankar.P


it appears that you are not very familar with the way open source
development works. 

At first most of us are volunteers, even if some of the kernel
developers are paid for doing the work. However as far as I know
the contributors to zd1211rw are not paid for working on the

If you want to contribute too, you should start with reading this
zd1211 mailing list and probably [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Here is the FAQ for Linux kernel mailing list in general. There is
a link to the "majordomo" mailing list manager of vger.kernel.org.


The next step is to look into the source code of the zd1211rw
driver and watch out for things that you can improve. A good start
would be to add documentation.

Information about the zd1211rw driver can be found at this web


If we find your patches useful, we will add them to our
development trees. If that has happened you have become a zd1211rw
developer. We are happy about every support we can get.

Kind regards,


Uli Kunitz

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