Alle 17:14, lunedì 7 maggio 2007, hai scritto:
> I don't think iwevent prints those messages. 
Er... you are right... it had to be the kernel printk. iwevent was silent.

> Nevertheless, this is 
> implying that dhclient brings the network interface down.
Ok, I trust you and the logs, but I still can't figure out why it works on
3 other computers which use the same Debian 4.0, the same dhclient, the same 
vanilla kernel, the same configurations under /etc/network/ and the same 
Gigafast adapters. I'll have to accept that as a postulate.

> Please try again without using dhclient or Debian's network config at
> all. These 2 things have caused our users lots of problems.
Ok then. Why don't we put on the website a minimal script to bring up an 
interface with zd1211rw? Seems to me that, if distro scripts cause a lot of 
problems, we would make a lot of users happy...
In fact I'm the first who would be so happy to see such a script on the 
website, because I have a problem in writing the script myself: if I can't 
use dhclient, how do I configure my host in DHCP, even with a homebrew 
script? Moreover, could you please give me a wpa_supplicant command line 
that's expected to work?

> This shows that nothing is even trying to connect to the wireless
> network. So, please throw away all that Debian stuff and try this
> manually :)

Just for curiosity: has anyone already reported a bug to Debian?

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