Unless I'm doing something wrong I'm only seeing the firmware packages on 
All links to the vendor community and rw driver src either still points to 
zd1211.ath.cx or doesn't have a link yet.  

Is getting access to the src still part of the minor migration?

> From: Mayne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - 2007-05-18 10:29
> Hi!
> Most zd1211.ath.cx content has been moved to
> http://www.linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/zd1211rw (for the new
> zd1211rw driver) and http://zd1211.wiki.sourceforge.net/ (for the
> unmaintained ZyDAS-based driver). The subversion repository of
> zd1211.ath.cx has been transferred to the Sourceforge project. Some minor
> migration tasks are still pending. Expect zd1211.ath.cx to close down then
> (I'll replace it with a redirection to the SF wiki).

> Regards 

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