Tomas Klas wrote:
> I have some problem with USB-stick initialization. Sometimes initialization
> looks ok, but device doesn't receive any packets. Scan can't find any
> reachable APs.

Can you figure out if RX doesn't work, TX doesn't work, or both?

You can test RX by putting the device in monitor mode on a channel with 
a known AP.

You can test TX by putting another device in monitor mode and invoking a 
scan with the first.

> I dump ZD1211 registers after scan and found only one important difference:
> 0x9B50: Contains 0x18 if scan works correctly, 0x4C or (rarely) 0 when not.
> Yes, there are other random differences, but this one appears always. I
> think this is some state register, but I don't have any chip documentation
> and no sense what this means.

We have no documentation on this part of the address range. The vendor 
driver suggests that the 0x9bXX range is ZD1211B-specific registers. Are 
both of your devices ZD1211B?

> Any ideas what I can do now?

Have you tried writing 0x18 into that register when scanning isn't 
working, and seeing if that revives anything?

You could also try the same hardware on other systems (preferably more 
common architecture) and see if the problem appears there. If so you 
could attempt to reproduce it with the vendor driver.


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