I have some problem with USB-stick initialization. Sometimes initialization
looks ok, but device doesn't receive any packets. Scan can't find any
reachable APs.

I tried two sticks: ZyXEL AG-220 and ZyXEL G-202 and two APs (Linksys). My
hardware is Cirrus EP9315 processor (ARM920T) on experimental board. I'm
using git version of zd1211rw/softmac driver from 15.5.2007, compiled in
kernel (no modules).

What I'm doing:

1) Power-up USB sticks.
2) USB stick is found by driver, firmware loads, everything OK
3) Set device UP, set IP address, Open mode, set ESSID
4) Association request procedure starts
5) AP is found an everything works OK.

6) Then I disable power to USB and switch processor to suspend mode, leave
suspend mode.
7) Power-up USB
8) USB stick is found by driver again, firmware loads, everything OK
9) Set device UP, set IP address, Open mode, set ESSID
10) Association request procedure starts
11) Sometimes no APs are found. Then power-off USB, wait 1 sec and retry
from 7)

I dump ZD1211 registers after scan and found only one important difference:

0x9B50: Contains 0x18 if scan works correctly, 0x4C or (rarely) 0 when not.

Yes, there are other random differences, but this one appears always. I
think this is some state register, but I don't have any chip documentation
and no sense what this means.

Any ideas what I can do now?

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