Daniel Drake wrote:
> Nathan Meyers wrote:
>> I'm writing to contribute a new device ID for the zd1211rw driver.
>> Product: ZyXEL M-202 XtremeMIMO USB Adapter
>> USB IDs: 0586:340a
>> Chip ID: zd1211b chip 0586:340a v4810 high 00-13-49 AL2230_RF pa0 ----S
>> Driver code: { USB_DEVICE(0x0586, 0x340a), .driver_info = 
>> DEVICE_ZD1211B },
> Thanks for the report. It's very interesting: MIMO is the technology 
> used to drive 802.11n (multiple simultaneous data throughput channels) 
> but the ZD1211 hardware does not support this (it only has a single 
> radio). The ZyXEL website doesn't really explain how they are using MIMO 
> in this device. Just curious, do you have any ideas?

The extent of my knowledge about this product is that it ran me about 
$12 last week from TigerDirect :-).

It claims to have three antennas inside its little box - pointing up, 
left, and right - with LEDs indicating which one is in use. Oddly 
enough, the same LED lights up regardless of how I orient it w.r.t. the 
AP. I also notice that all the literature calls it 802.11g - not 
802.11n. My guess is that it's a garden variety, gimmicked-up 802.11g 
desktop dongle.


> I checked the windows driver and it does seem to be just a ZD1211B, 
> nothing new...
> I'll submit the ID addition in a few minutes. Thanks!
> Daniel

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