Nathan Meyers wrote:
> Daniel Drake wrote:
>> Thanks for the report. It's very interesting: MIMO is the technology 
>> used to drive 802.11n (multiple simultaneous data throughput channels) 
>> but the ZD1211 hardware does not support this (it only has a single 
>> radio). The ZyXEL website doesn't really explain how they are using MIMO 
>> in this device. Just curious, do you have any ideas?
> The extent of my knowledge about this product is that it ran me about 
> $12 last week from TigerDirect :-).
> It claims to have three antennas inside its little box - pointing up, 
> left, and right - with LEDs indicating which one is in use.

Someone should tell ZyXEL that's called antenna diversity, not MIMO :)

I wonder if they do diversity/antenna switching externally from the 
ZD1211 hardware. If they use ZD1211 functionality for diversity, it may 
explain why the current antenna never changes: our driver doesn't 
support the ZD1211 diversity features (and neither does the vendor Linux 
driver really). One interesting test would be doing the same experiment 
under windows and seeing if the lights change.


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