I'm playing with the driver and mac80211 stack to get some ad-hoc-like
functionality. I am able to do a ping among two non-associated nodes,
but I get about 9 ping replys (i.e. 8 duplicates) for each ping

I found out the problem is that the frames are not being acked, so
they are retransmitted. I haven't found the code for retransmission
nor for ack generation, so I am not sure what do I need to do to make
the device generate acks.

At http://wireless.sipsolutions.net/en/users/Drivers/zd1211rw/mac80211Issues
I found:

"Johannes writes:

In zd1211, we start with hwaddr = dev->wiphy->perm_addr which isn't
correct either, for a pure monitor mode we want to start with a zero mac
addr to avoid acking packets. Also, zd1211rw will end up having a NULL
hwaddr when a monitor interface is added, most likely segfaulting in
zd_write_mac_addr then."

which leads me to think by default the node would issue acks...

Any help or explanation of how ack generation works for the device
would be greatly appreciated.


Luis Carlos Cobo Rus       GnuPG ID: 44019B60
cozybit Inc.

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