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Paul Albrecht wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to use a hawking hwu54g with the zd1211rw driver in the
> 2.6.20 linux kernel. It works ok when I hotplug the device, but causes
> firefox to segfault when I coldplug the device. I compiled the device
> driver as a module so I don't see why there should be any difference.
> Any ideas?

Could you pleas explain, what's the difference between a hotplug
and a coldplug is? 

 The difference is *when* the device is inserted into the port. If the device 
is inserted before the system is booted it's coldplugged. On the other hand, if 
the device is inserted after the system is booted, then it's hotplugged.

BTW a userspace process shouldn't segfault, if a network device
does dis- and reappear.

 Yes, of course, I certainly don't expect firefox to segfault simply because I 
coldplugged the hwu54g, but that's, in fact, what's happening. Moreover, I 
should add that the segfault is direct consequence of coldplugging the device 
because it occurs irrespective of whether or not I up the device.

Paul Albrecht

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