Forest Bond wrote:
> I see.  So, the only apparent solution is to notify Atheros of the problem, 
> and
> hope that they chastise the module manufacturer appropriately?

Your mac OUI is Abocom. We had a previous report of abocom doing this 
exact crime with the same ID a while ago. It's unfortunate that they are 
a supplier of shuttle and others...

We should look for a better solution to this (I'll ask zydas for advice) 
but in the mean time there is one other option, you can reprogram your 
EEPROM with new device ID's.

./zd1211memtool --action=e2pmodify --device=zd1211b \
         --usbvid=07b8 --usbpid=6001 \
         --modify-vid=0ace --modify-pid=1215

This tool is very lightly tested (only by me, as far as I know). If I 
made a mistake, it may well destroy your device, so proceed with 
caution. However, it does work for me.

I suggest you use e2pdump to backup the EEPROM first, just in case.


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