I am trying to bring up Zydas1211 chipset based AirLink card on my ARM
based system
with 2.6.18 kernel. While loading the zd1211rw.ko module it gives the
following error.

usb 1-1: Could not load firmware file zd1211/zd1211b_ub. Error number -2
zd1211rw 1-1:1.0: couldn't load firmware. Error number -2
usb 1-1: reset high speed USB device using musb_hdrc and address 2
zd1211rw: probe of 1-1:1.0 failed with error -2
usbcore: registered new driver zd1211rw

The error number "-2" is -ENOENT (No such file or directory).

I tried placing the firmware

but it did not work? Where exactly this firmware is supposed to be.


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