I have a generic  zd1211 usb2 dongle:

0ace:1211 ZyDAS 802.11b/g USB2 WiFi

I've had been using it under Fedora in 2.6.17 for over a year with no 
real issues (it did seem to be sensitive to which port it was in, but 
thay may have been the udb controller).  It looks like I was using 

After upgrading to fc7 (2.6.21-1.3194.fc7*), It's been losing 
connectivity after a few minutes of high speed transfers, or every 
couple of days otherwise.

There don't seem to be any kernel log messages.  Attempting to load and 
unload the driver doesn't seem to work very well for resetting it, 
though yanking the dongle and putting it back in seems to work every time.

This seems very much like a firmware issue, but I thought I'd check with 
you guys,

It appears to me that the old driver used the built in firmware, while 
the new one uploads one.

So here are my questions:

fc7 insists on using the mac80211 driver.  Elsewhere on the list I read 
that this driver is know to have issues.  Is it possible that this is 
the problem?

Is it worth trying to build a version that doesn't try to upload 
firmware, assuming that the one that's being uploaded is interacting badly?

It would be relatively trivial to detect this problem and fix it 
automatically, but since unloading and reloading the driver seems not to 
work, I guess I don't know who to fix it.  Do you have any suggestions 
on how to give the device a swift kick that might re-initialize it?

Thanks for any advice?

Brian Perkins

(*) There are newer versions available, but they seem to cause the 
machine to freeze, I think due to some unrelated AGP problem.

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