Brian Perkins wrote:
> fc7 insists on using the mac80211 driver.  Elsewhere on the list I
> read that this driver is know to have issues.  Is it possible that
> this is the problem?

Yes: the mac80211 driver does work sometimes but is also broken at other
times and I would definitely advise that non-developers don't use it 
yet. I'm surprised that fc7 chose to ship zd1211rw-mac80211 with the 
current state of mac80211 development (still lots of reworking going on, 
a decent amount of driver instability, ...)

> Is it worth trying to build a version that doesn't try to upload 
> firmware, assuming that the one that's being uploaded is interacting
> badly?

No: the firmware is the same as the one shipped in the vendor driver, 
and both drivers do upload firmware to the device.


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