Atheros sent me a new driver. The most significant change is a new 
firmware version which fixes the disconnect problem when you run "lsusb" 
or "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices". Yay!

I will roll out new firmware for zd1211rw soon.

This driver is unsupported by me -- it probably doesn't compile on
recent kernels, as usual. If you need support, ask on the list and hope
that someone responds. Please don't email me directly (I won't reply).

I haven't even tested this driver, but I have looked at the diff. There 
are some changes/fixes we can port to zd1211rw too.

Here are some of the changes I noticed:
WDS bugfixes
Some 64 bit fixes (but I still doubt it works properly there)
Some new ioctls
AR2124 RF support (we'll have to keep an eye open for new devices with 
these chips, it is type 0x8 and zd1211rw will presently identify it as 


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