Andrey wrote:
> I wonder if anyone has seen anything similar or knows of a solution.
> Is zd1211rw expected to work with 200Mhz PCs? Is USB 1.1 well
> supported? Am I out of luck with the kernel?

USB 1.1 is not well tested, and while I wouldn't expect it to make a lot 
of difference to the ACK response time, zd1211rw's RX/TX engine is not 
that efficient so might be causing problems on slower systems. (nobody 
has ever measured just how much it is harming performance on such 
systems, so I'm only guessing)

You should definitely be running a newer kernel though. And testing the 
latest might not be all that worthwhile as we can still overflow the 
device buffers quite easily. In 2.6.25-rc1 we will have switched to 
mac80211 with more buffer control, which will probably help.

Trying to match the system configuration but running on a more "normal" 
system might also be an interesting experiment.


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