Andreas Gick wrote:
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: zd1211b chip 1582:6003 v4810 high 00-11-f6 AL2230_RF 
> pa0 ---NS
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: zd_read_regdomain() regdomain: 0x30
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: regdomain 0x30
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: zd_usb_disable_int() urb ffff81003d3d0680 killed
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: zd_usb_enable_int()
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: zd_usb_enable_int() submit urb ffff81003d3d0680
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: zd_write_mac_addr() mac addr 00:11:f6:7f:fa:03
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: zd_chip_set_basic_rates_locked() ff0f
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: zd_usb_ioread16v() read timed out
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: zd_ioread32v_locked() error: zd_ioread16v_locked. Error 
> number -110
> zd1211rw 1-10.2:1.0: error ioread32(CR_REG1): -110

This odd issue is an uncommon 2.6.23 regression:

The device will work in 2.6.22 (assuming AL2230S support was present 
there, I forget).

To go forward, we really need you to try the patch on the bug 
(preferably modified with your own MAC addr) and see what happens then.

Would also be useful to test this on other systems, or test other ZD1211 
devices on the same system, if you have such hardware access.


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