--- On Fri, 26/12/08, monghi...@aruba.it <monghi...@aruba.it> wrote:

> Please, may you upload the diff file instead of copy-paste
> it's content?
> I would like to try your patch but i get some CRLF issues
> while I'm trying to apply it, having copied and pasted
> the diff from the browser.
> I would prefer not to change all files by hand, if
> possible. I've googled about the CRLF issues but i could
> not find a solution. 
> Thanks a lot.

You are quite wrong with the copy-paste comment - it is your own fault to be 
reading the mailing list by web-mail or whatever you are doing. The patch is 
the sourceforge mailing-list archive.


The patch has been in the sourceforge mailing list archive all-along.

> Hin-Tak Leung-3 wrote:
> > Here is the latest diff I am using against
> Let me (and the rest
> > of the zd1211 people) know if it works or not.


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