i want to to use a ZD1211B in a non-Linux embedded system (hobbyist project, 
should be GPLed when working).
The system contains a uC with USB host and an USB stick (currently i have a 
SNU5600 from Philips).
The USB part is already working (at least i can access an usb mem stick), so 
now i can concentrate on ZD1211B part.
Reading in VID / PID (0471 / 1236) is also already working.

Can you perhaps help me with some initial steps to get ZD1211B working:

1) Is there meanwhile some documentation, how things are working or must 
existing drivers again be reverese engineered ? I saw some questions on it in 
the past but i think there was almost no documentation...
2) What initial steps are needed to setup operation of ZD1211B ?
3) Must i load firmware everytime ? Or only when used firmware is older than 
firmware in files ? Just for understanding: Is ZD1211B a RAM based device ? 
4) Which firmware file must i load ? There are multiple ones (which have 
different names), must all of them loaded for complete software ? Is there a 
certain order for loading ? What does "ub", "uph", "uphm", "uphr", "ur" mean ?
5) Which source to take best as base for new development ? Look into latest 
linux sources or sourceforge archive ? Or somewhere else ?
6) Last, but not least: Has someone already done a similar thing, which i can 
take as reference ? But i haven't found something with google...

Regards and thanks for helping,

            Martin Maurer
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