Most of the answer to your questions are in the wiki pages on the zd1211 
sourceforge web site.

The vendor driver is, as it says, provided by the vendor and the authoritative 
source of info. It does suffer from being small-endian and 32-bitness. The 
latest community rewrite effort is neither on sourceforge  nor in the released 
kernel source, but in wireless-testing. Visit .

Some people had done some work on using the zd1211 on embedded systems - you 
just haven't googled well enough.

--- On Sat, 3/1/09, Martin Maurer <> wrote:

> From: Martin Maurer <>
> Subject: Re: [zd1211-devs] General questions on ZD1211B behaviour, for using 
> ZD1211B in non-Linux embedded system
> To: "Martin Maurer" <>,
> Date: Saturday, 3 January, 2009, 3:52 PM
> Hello,
> i want to to use a ZD1211B in a non-Linux embedded system
> (hobbyist project, should be GPLed when working).
> The system contains a uC with USB host and an USB stick
> (currently i have a SNU5600 from Philips).
> The USB part is already working (at least i can access an
> usb mem stick), so now i can concentrate on ZD1211B part.
> Reading in VID / PID (0471 / 1236) is also already working.
> Can you perhaps help me with some initial steps to get
> ZD1211B working:
> 1) Is there meanwhile some documentation, how things are
> working or must existing drivers again be reverese
> engineered ? I saw some questions on it in the past but i
> think there was almost no documentation...
> 2) What initial steps are needed to setup operation of
> ZD1211B ?
> 3) Must i load firmware everytime ? Or only when used
> firmware is older than firmware in files ? Just for
> understanding: Is ZD1211B a RAM based device ? 
> 4) Which firmware file must i load ? There are multiple
> ones (which have different names), must all of them loaded
> for complete software ? Is there a certain order for loading
> ? What does "ub", "uph",
> "uphm", "uphr", "ur" mean ?
> 5) Which source to take best as base for new development ?
> Look into latest linux sources or sourceforge archive ? Or
> somewhere else ?
> 6) Last, but not least: Has someone already done a similar
> thing, which i can take as reference ? But i haven't
> found something with google...
> Regards and thanks for helping,
>             Martin Maurer
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