Some news:
I have added the new usb-id (0df6:0036) to zd_usb.c (zd1211b section) and 
recompiled the kernel (2.6.27-9.19 from ubuntu repo). So the device is 
recognized correctly and works fine.

One more info:

$ dmesg | grep 'zd1211b\? chip'
[   49.410219] zd1211rw 1-4:1.0: zd1211b chip 0df6:0036 v4810 high 00-0c-f6 
AL2230_RF pa0 g--N-

so this device combines a AL2230 RF transceiver chip.

This should be enough for adding the Sitecom WL-603 bus-id in the kernel 


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