Christoph Biedl wrote:
> Hi,
> I am pleased to tell the Allnet ALL0298 ALLSPORT USB WLAN Finder
> vid:pid 0ace:a211 seems to run like a charme in Linux
> after patching the sources as described in
> Several gigabytes were transferred using Debian lenny (testing) using an
> 11g WPA2-PSK connection.
> Let me know if there are other tests that should be run.
> On a side note: mentions that device
> as vid:pid 0ace:a215 while mine is listed as "Unknown zd1211 device".

Can you clarify whether you are using zd1211b binding or zd1211 binding? On the 
page a215 is listed for zd1211b, whereas a211 is listed for zd1211 (no-b).

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