Do not write directly - all traffic should go into the mailing list archive.. 
That's very selfish behavior. I do not work for you and I'll have to charge you 
on private consultancy rate for that.

Your kernel headers do not match your kernel. (supposedly 2.6.30), nothing to 
do with 
compiler version.

--- On Thu, 30/7/09, acid-burn <> wrote:

> Hello,
> thought i write you directlyand not bother the list with
> compile problems..
> i am currently trying to compile the 3.0 src with your
> patches.
> I get a bunch of warnings about undefined things and
> errors.
> Could this be related on the used gcc compiler ?
> I have to use gcc-4.4.0
> Perhaps you have an idea ?
> Regards
> Mladen


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