--- On Thu, 30/7/09, Mladen Horvat <acid-b...@opendreambox.org> wrote:

> Ok, finally managed with the help of a friend to compile
> the vender driver
> with the mips 2.6.30 kernel i use here.
> Here is a patch that was needed to get it finally compiled
> under 2.6.30.
> http://pastebin.com/m17687d4e

Hmm, the net_ops is new and should only generates a warning with vanilla 2.6.30 
. Your kernel source tree is not vanilla 2.6.30, is it? If you need the net_ops 
change, your tree is probably closer to 2.6.31 rcX . (since it generates a 
warning on ifconfig up, I know about it and it is just not urgent/immediate yet 
in 2.6.30)

> Firmware Upload works !!!  and interface comes up as
> ath0.

Yes, the renaming is a visible change.

> But: looks like the driver doesnt work or like my
> WPA-Supplicant 0.6.9
> Here is a Bootlog and outputs that come:  http://pastebin.com/m232e0dfa

The log looks okay to me... sorry I only use it in AP mode & with WEP, can't 
help you there.

I did find the driver in AP mode has a curious behavior: it won't talk to a 
client after loading until I do something like 'iwlist scan' or 'iwpriv 
card_reset' first. (the latter hangs the machine 1/2 of the time, but iwlist 
scan is quite reliable and I only need to do it once per reboot of the AP which 
isn't bad). May be you can try iwlist scan as a client also. 


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