Thank you for the link. But as I said, I had problems even with the compat-old 
version so that patching the old original kernel to support uw2453 seemed less 
of a hassle (in terms of getting it to work).

Also, it looks like that for the problems I mentioned there are already a 
number of smaller patches addressing it on the linux-wireless mailing list. I 
haven't taken a closer look but it might be that those patches have been 
applied to compat-wireless already and simply aren't included in the compat-old 


> --- On Sat, 8/8/09, "Sören Wellhöfer" <> wrote:
> > Hi Hin-Tak,
> > 
> > one of my chief problems was that I was not at all able to
> > get compat-wireless to work with this rather ancient kernel
> > version. The driver file zd_rf_uw2453.c added in the patch
> > is indeed taken from a recent version of compat-wireless
> > itself.
> Here it says there is a version of compat-wireless that went back to
> 2.6.22, which should be sufficient for your purpose: 
> I think the compat-wireless-old package is slightly older than
> compat-wireless (which is bleed-edge, 2.6.31/32+), but should take you up to 
> at least
> about 2.6.28/2.6.29 equivalent, wireless-wise.
> > Also, I can't really see that the issues I've mentioned got
> > fixed in compat-wireless either. I've seen many people still
> > reporting problems with this now and then.
> I think you could separate the two types of changes, support of newer
> UW2453 radio hardware, and fixes to problems, and send the latter, if they are
> not in compat-wireless yet, to the linuxwireless mailing list. I can't
> quite see at a first glance what problem the non-UW2453-related changes
> addresses. (and there hasn't been much traffic on zd1211-devel for months, so
> remind me...)

Sören Wellhöfer
Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium Jena / Specialised school for Math, Science, and Technology

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