--- On Mon, 23/11/09, Alejandro Grijalba <s...@latinsud.com> wrote:

> Benoit PAPILLAULT escribió:
> > 1. I did not receive junk packet so far with only
> enabling CR_SNIFFER_ON.
> >   
> If you apply the patch and there is a lot of wireless
> traffic going on
> you will start getting random frames too (sniffing with
> tcpdump on
> monitor interface or whatever). I have a couple of zd1211rw
> usb devices,
> and both do it.
> > 2. With both a STA interface and a monitor interface,
> performance drops
> > significantly. Any explanation for this.
> >   
> Not sure, maybe because you are sniffing all frames in the
> channel, not
> only your BSS ones.
> > 3. Could you tell me a bit more about your junk packet
> filtering?
> >   
> That patch is the mac80211 port of an older ieee80211 patch
> which was
> not done by me. The ~0x21 is a magic value that seems to
> work filtering
> junk frames. But i don't know what it means.
> > 4. I received lots of small RX packet of 4 or 5 bytes.
> What is causing this?
> >   
> Maybe you are getting acks, or maybe it's part of the
> junk/random frames.
> Btw, how about enabling the CR_SNIFFER_ON patch as a module
> parameter so
> everyone is happy?

Expose it through /sysfs or /proc (so that it is dynamically selectable after 
module loading) may be even better, if it can be done...


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