On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 10:34 PM, Tsuwei Chen <tsu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Has anyone use the zd1211 usb adapter with mini-itx board based on
> geforce 9300? I have been experience some annoying issues ever since I
> got this motherboard. The problem is that sometime the card just
> cannot be switched on. It complains about ioread32() error -110. And I
> have spent a few days and try a few different combination, and here is
> what I have found so far:
> 1, with 1 wifi adapter directly plugged into the board, the wifi
> adapter works fine most of the time (have seen a couple failure, but
> is hard to reproduce)
> 2. with 1 wifi adapter, plugged in through a USB hub, the driver
> complains ioread32 error. I've try 2 USB hubs: a cheap 4-port USB
> dongle and also the USB hubs built into my DELL monitor. Both showed
> the same problem.
> 3. If I plugged in 2 wifi adapters directly to the board, more than
> 50% of chance one of the wifi adapter would fail during the 'ifconifg
> up'.
> I tried to dig our more on this. I am using kernel 2.6.24-26 (ubuntu).

Please try a more recent kernel - 2.6.24 contains
zd1211rw-ieee80211softmac, which is no longer developed.

> I had turned on the debug message output and I have traced out that
> the failure was first detected in the zd_mac_open(). Probably around
> the call to zd_chip_switch_radio_on(). The error message is printed in
> the zd_usb_ioread16v(), and probably indicate the driver is
> experiencing a timeout while it is trying to read the register from
> the adapter.
> What exactly does this mean? Why adding a usb hub cause such a huge
> differnce? Has anyone experienced similar problem before? Any pointer
> that can help me solve this problem is appreciated.
> BTW, I never had this problem before when I was still using a regular
> HP desktop PC, even with the same version of kernel and same USB hub.
> I switched to mini-itx because I am building a small system. So if
> anyone is currently using this adapter with a mini-ITX board, please
> also let me know which model you use.
> TIA,
> Tsuwei
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