What if have been asking myself now for a time is the reason why there
is no nautilus data source/nautilus data provider?

I suppose I do not get the problem entirely, because otherwise it would
have been implemented already.

After you installed a fresh system you could simply copy back all files
from a backup hard drive and they should show up then when nautilus
notifies Zeitgeist about the copying process of the files.

The only problem would be that you still have to find a way to inform
Zeitgeist about all the files which have already been there after you
did a system upgrade instead of a fresh install. What, thus, makes the
"dig up the past" option still necessary. Anyway I see one big problem
with the "dig up the past" action: a normal user will not know that it
exists. And therefore a normal user will still think that search in
Ubuntu is broken if using the dash to find certain files.

A nautilus data provider  would also solve a different problem I recently 
discovered. Whenever you change the name or location of a file which has 
already been "indexed" by Zeitgeist, then suddenly the dash won't show it to 
you anymore. So instead of informing Zeitgeist of the fact that the file has 
been changed (and this providing Zeitgeist with the new location or the new 
name of of the file) the file is completely ignored from then on. 
Try it. Change a name of a file and then search for it in the dash. Even though 
it had been found before the change, it won't be found after the renaming. 

I know that there is/was the GtkRecentManager and nautilus GIO plugin.
But seemingly it does not work the way that I expected.

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  not all files show up in files-place

Status in Unity:
Status in Unity 2D:
Status in Unity Files Lens:
Status in Zeitgeist Framework:
Status in Zeitgeist Data-Sources:
Status in “unity-lens-files” package in Ubuntu:
Status in “unity-place-files” package in Ubuntu:
Status in “zeitgeist” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  The Unity interface, with its files-place feature for user access to
  files/documents etc. is really great.

  However there is a problem since the search feature relies wholly on
  zeitgeist (AFAIK), in the zeitgeist is not tracking everything.

  E.g. in openoffice, I create a new file (or open an existing one) from
  within openoffice itself. This file does not show up, presumably
  because openoffice does not (yet) push its activity to zeitgeist.

  I guess any number of other programs could suffer the same problem.

  For the average user, this is surely going to be confusing. They will
  create documents via legitimate means ('New ...' buttons in their
  applications), and then expect to be able to search for them in the
  Unity files-place interface.

  To avoid this confusion I would guess there really needs to be a
  filesystem watcher on the home dir (or key folders within it) so that
  zeitgeist is aware of activity caused by non-zeitgeist-aware

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