Great, I see it useful.

On Sep 22, 12:04 pm, Metaphysic <> wrote:
> As I use your valuable program several times a day, I have a small
> suggestion that can help us skip re-typing texts for our searches.
> there are 3 sections named "Search" , "Advanced" & "Root".
> When we type a word for search in one of those fields, and then we
> switch to another field, the text clears and we should re-type it next
> tab....
> for example, in "", in search section, there are some fields
> like "Web", "Images" , "Videos" , etc.
> And a common Search box for all of them! means when user switch
> between tabs, his written text does not disappear and so he does not
> need to re-type it in different fields.
> I know it is a small thing.....But Just wanted to share with you my
> point of view.
> Because for instance most times I search for a Root, under Root tab,
> and then I want to Search for a Word and I forgot switching tabs, So i
> write the word in Root tab also, and No search results....So when I
> find out I am in the wrong Tab and I want to switch to "Search" or
> "Advanced" section, my written text clears and I have to re-type it.
> Thank you so much for your effort and God bless you all !
> Best Regards,
> Ali Pouradam

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