Salam aleykum wr wb,

I realized a pack for the french translation of the Quran.

I just compiled the Translation of the Complex king Fahd who didn't
really translate it but just did some correction of Hamidullah's

I think it's very important to add it on your website cause there's
some french language mistakes in the traduction of Hamidullah like in
Surat al-Qalam verse 4 :

Hamidullah's traduction : Et tu es certes, d'une moralité IMMINENTE.

in king Fahd's traduction : Et tu es certes, d'une moralité ÉMINENTE.

it can appear to be nothing but in french it doesn't mean the same
think so I hope you'll add it on your website.

about the ISBN I think it's the same than Hamidullah ISBN 2841610853

I don't think there's any restriction to redistribute it.

I will upload the file in the group discussion so have a look at it
please and I hope it will be an official one soon.

May Allah make me and the other get benefit of this work.

Barak Allahu Fiikum

Salam aleykum wr wb

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