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al salmu alaykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakato my dear brothers

i'm an originaly an iraqi living in macedonia for more than 15 years

i have an idea of submitting a translation in macedonian language of the
"Holy Qoraan"

i do speak & write arabic, macedonian & english perfectly,

i noticed that you have done a great job with the thikr software, i noticed
that even you added the macedonian language so we can convert the software
to macedonian, but i also noticed that you don't have even one translation

of the "holy qoraan" available in macedonian language ?

is this correct? because i was checking in the translation download page
link available in the thikr player, so i didn't find any.

if so i would like to purpose helping with conducting a macedonian
translation of the "Holy Qoran" to your software

because i think it would be of huge benefit for the macedonian public here,
the muslim & the non-muslim

to view the translation of "the Holy Qoran" in their home born language,

i have a hard original copy of translation of the "Holy Qoran" in macedonian

it was contributed & gifted from king "Fahad bin Abdel-Aziz" of K.S.A. &
translated by

a local man called: mr.Hasan Jilo

i don't have previous experience in legal issues but i can make calls to our
islamic community center here in skopje capital of republic of macedonia, as
i can visit them to see if they give me permission to use this translation
for publishing in your free software

i also don't have any previous experience in programming , but if there is
an easy training you can give me i could finnish the translation & typing
for you as i wan't to help for free in the name of "Allah" & for the benefit
of the muslim public & potential future believers that may convert to islam
as an helping reason of this translation in your rich software so all of you
& me and any people help in the process can gain goods benefit & deeds from
"Allah" inshallah

so what do you think?

i'm waiting for your answer

have a happy eid

your brother

dawood mohamed ali

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