i have questions about file formats and the quran..

please correct me if im wrong, as im pretty new.

as i understand the formats we use to digitally use/search/store/
exchange our Quran texts/translations/commentaries we mostly use flat
  - zekr.org puts them in zip and adds a properties file
  - tanzil.net prefixes the lines with a number (like: 59|22|<verse

both of these of these formats leave out aspects of the texts/
translations/commentaries we usually see printed in books. i'll try to
name a few:
  - foot notes
  - references (to footnotes or other parts of the book)
  - headings (to group verses)
  - translations of chapter (sura) names (like 'the cow', could be
translated as 'the heifer' as well -- isn't it?)
  - other sections to the book (intros, appendices, etc)
  - (please add more if you are aware of any)

i wonder if there pre-exists a file format that handles more of these


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