After two years of inactivity in Zekr development, I'm happy to announce a
new Zekr release. Zekr 1.1.0m1 is now available for download. We tried to
implement features which are widely needed by users. It includes the
following new features:

   - Multiple recitation support.
   - Show translation under search results and allow user to toggle
   translation/quran under search results.
   - Native support for media keys on Windows (play, pause, next track,
   - Zekr is now shown on the system tray icon (if supported).
   - Search scopes are now persisted, so they will kept if Zekr is closed.

We changed our version scheme from 'beta' to 'milestone'. This version is
1.1.0 milestone 1. InshaAllah 1.1.0 final will be released before this

Here is the complete change log:

Here is the download link:


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