I always have been looking for a software to be able to find the part/verse 
of Quran quickly when I need it as a reference but unfortunately each 
application has some advantages and disadvantages.. regarding Zekr I have 
to say it is one of the best applications I've ever seen but again I have 
this difficulty with it. Bookmarking in Zekr is good but not very efficient.

If you use Evernote (an application to save your personal notes),  you'll 
notice how easy it is to find your text just by searching through the tags 
you already defined for your texts. If you provided tagging mechanism for 
Zekr, it will be amazing source of to extract the facts and verses from 

If I am able to define a series of tag for a verse, when I need a related 
verse of Quran I can easily and quickly find it by just typing the tag that 
I know. 

Is there any plan to add this feature to Zekr? 

Thanks so much and God bless you.

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