People are often very quick to verbally give God praise or 
blame.  It's how our human intellect tries to grasp and make sense 
of a world that seems often cruel and arbitrary.  In many cases, we 
desire a "god" to get us out of scrapes we've created by our own 
poor choices.  And sometimes, when "s#*% happens" we've had no part 
in, we want a "god" to pick up the pieces or be a superhero who 
races to our rescue.  When life is good, how often does God get the 
credit?  When life is bad, who gets the blame?
   Life happens.  Should God control "some" but not all of it?  
Should He control everyone else and allow us to be "free agents"?  
Should God just write the script and move us around like puppets?
   Many who believe in God see this as a fallen world, far from 
perfection and bliss, a place we pass thorugh in a physical body on 
the way to a spiritual "reward" in a perfect place.  In that beleif 
system, dead is seen as a release -- sometimes in a tragic accident, 
like that of the little girl; sometimes in a hoped for fashion, as 
at the end of a disease.
   God being God is beyond our words and our minds.

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