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In 1700 BC, Vedanta taught that the Bhrama is the "Supreme Spirit or Ultimate Reality" and through Maya, like measurement and causation, actualized the universe. The four practices recommaned to wake up through the seven consciousness are Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Karma Yoga. In short, they are like the practice of compassion, Dharma, Excercise and meditation.

1200 years later in 500BC, Vedanta was hijacked by politics, Shakyamuni found Buddhism.  As Boddhi Dharma arrived in China, he also taught the Shaolin Monks the similar yoga  practices. Even though, Shaolin martial arts were more famous, Shaolin is the first Temple in China.

Influenced by the Chinese culture, Taoist philosophy and Taoiest Chi(Qi)  based excercises streamlineded as well as modified the Buddhist teaching and the Four Yoga practices. Still, Chan in China teaches Motion Chan and Sitting Chan.  As far as I know, Chan teaches Dharma (Boddhi) 36 forms of Motion Chan and for Sitting Chan there is the internal Qi excercises with 10 Dharma wheels(chakra) and 3 Qi Channels. 

Nowadays, the Motion Chan and the Internal Qi excercises for Sitting Chan are scarecely practiced in China, and Chan became more of a mental excercise, or worse, just a form or a ritual.

Our body is our bridge and temple to our spirituality.  A healthy body without sickness with full alertness is the foundation to effective meditation.  Chinese Chan's fine tuning of the Qi of our body can help to connect to the universal Qi.  No different than what Vedanta taught 3,700 years ago.

On the web, there were not too much topic on the "body" part of "body, mind and spirit." that I can find.  I am sharing here as a reference, with the very little that I know. 

As we learn mentally, absorb spiritually, proper physical excercise of our body can be very helpful to quiet our mind, to sharpen our senses and let the Inner Self to shine through.

Chan always emphasized, "Connect through the heart."

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