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> On Tuesday, August 08, 2006 dkotschessa wrote:
> >I like the general message of the movie, but it is not good 
science at
> >all. There are some "koans" in quantum physics, such as the duality
> >of light (wave/particle). There is a trend of people using these
> >types of apparent gaps in logic to create a kind of portal for a 
> >of crackpots to ooze their way in.
> These are real gaps, not merely apparent gaps.  Logic just does not 
> everything, especially those things in the real world (as opposed 
to the
> subset of reality that we perceive and take notice of).  Logic is a 
> that's been developed after-the-fact to try to explain reality, and 
> retroactively force-fit upon reality.  Like grammar.  Grammar is a 
> system that was developed AFTER language evolved to try to explain 
it.  And
> as we all know there are plenty of places where there are gaps in 
grammar -
> real gaps, not merely apparent gaps.
> But I do agree that there are plenty of 'crackpots' trying to 
exploit these
> gaps for their own purposes.
> ..Bill!

Well, I call them apparent becuase they can be explained 
mathematically.  The wave/particle duality of light is only illogical 
from our normal perspective.  "It can't be both at once."  But as I 
understand it, it is expressed in terms of probability.   It is not 
something that I have spent time enough to get my mind around, and 
these days I don't care so much about it.  I can just appreciate the 
beauty of it from my perspective that it is a total mystery.

But therein lies the beauty as far as I'm concerned, without the need 
to add anything extra.  "The miracle is to walk on the earth" as 
Thich Nhat Hahn says.  

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