Posted by: "Bill Smart" [EMAIL PROTECTED]   billsmart 
Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:43 pm (PST) 
Recently several members wrote:

>As you quickly found out, posts are disappearing, among other
>things. Groups are frequently inaccessable. Yes, apparently these
>are part of the improvements. I'm just basking in the irony of my
>own frustration over not being able to access our little Zen forum. :)

>> How weird. My post has vanished. Is this part of the "new and
>> improved" Yahoo! Groups mail system? It could be just me, but I
>> am failing to see the improvement.
>>> What is it that you dislike about Yahoo! Groups? And is there
>>> anything anyone can do to help?

All of this might be a tad bit inconvenient to some people, but this new
system has been implemented for the good of the entire community. It's all
part of the Patriot Act, and anyone who complains is subject to further
scrutiny. Trading Freedom for Security is a small price to pay for more
homogeneity and order in our forums.


One of the convenience issues is illustrated above. With this new system, we 
reply with the passage quoted with chevrons (>)as Bill seems to have 
done....Hey Bill,
how'd ya do it, dude?

The ohter thought Bills comments bring to mind...Ben Franklin is oft quoted as 
"anyone who would sacrifice freedom for security diserves neither".
I put this in quotes but it may not be exact. This comment has appeared in so 
forms over the centuries that perhaps the true quote is no longer known.

Anyhow, Yahoo has a lot of work to do...Or maybe they should give up and join 

John - who knows the difference between Patriot and patriot.

Ki is extending,
John Davis

"Let us have a Universal Mind
that loves and protects all creation 
and helps all things grow and develop. 
To unify mind and body and become One with the Universe 
is the ultimate purpose of our study."
                                 -- Koichi Tohei Sensei

"Masakatsu - Righteous victory, proper attitude 
Agatsu - Victory over self 
Katsuhayahi - Victory over speed of light, doing things so perfectly that time 
is no longer a factor"
                                 -- Akira Tohei Sensei, no relation to  the 
above. This from an interview in .

"Beware the Medical-Industrial Complex!"
                                -- John Davis
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