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> One of the convenience issues is illustrated above. With this new 
system, we can't
> reply with the passage quoted with chevrons (>)as Bill seems to 
have done....Hey Bill,
> how'd ya do it, dude?
I have set up my forum account to send me emails so I don't have to 
go to the website.  I've also set up my email to put in > on replies.

BUT!  Yesterday I got an email from Yahoo! that emails sent to my 
address had bounced.  I'm a victim of the very issue you first 
posted on!  I reinstated my address but am now visiting the website 
to view the postings I've missed.

> The ohter thought Bills comments bring to mind...Ben Franklin is 
oft quoted as saying
> "anyone who would sacrifice freedom for security diserves neither".
> I put this in quotes but it may not be exact. This comment has 
appeared in so many
> forms over the centuries that perhaps the true quote is no longer 
I thought that quote was attributed to Thomas Jefferson (a REAL 
PATRIOT!) and was 'Those who would sacrifce freedom for security end 
up with neither.'  The thought's the same, and it ain't pretty!

My thought on all that is another quote.  This time from a B movie 
set in California.  I think it's called PIZZA DUDE.  Anyway the 
quote is: 'If you're scared dude, stay home!'

I'd say that's enough Bush-Bashing for now, but I'm firmly convinced 
in the case of Bush-Bashing there can never be enough.

>From the website...Bill!

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