Donald posted a very good reply to your questions from a Buddhist
perspective, but since this is a zen forum, I'll have to reply also from a
zen perspective:


Dignity and Morality are functions of the ego, and as such fall into the
category of samsara (illusions).  They are not important concepts in zen. 
Earnest practice of zazen (zen mediation) will allow you to recognize the
illusory nature of such things and to eventually deal with them accordingly.


No intentions, no words, no actions, no life-style, no wall, no Buddha.


.Bill!  (American, non-Teacher, very good English)


Donald wrote:

Since no one has responded to you, I shall give it a try, because I know how
urgent some of these homework can be.  I am a Chinese Zen teacher, you can
sure quote me. Just my English is not very good.  Dignity is to live in the
equality of everyone.  In the Buddhist sense, everyone of us has the same
quality as Buddha.  We therefore live with that equality in our intentions,
words and actions.  Morality is the result of this life style of mutual
respect.  Not rules written on the wall, but sense of respect from the
bottom of our hearts.

perplexed <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I am looking for a teacher of Buddhism's definition of  1) Dignity and 2)
Morality. This is for a project at Junior High School level and I also must
request 3) permission to use your response in the report submitted. Thanks
to any teacher willing to respond. 

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