From: "Bill Smart" <> I celebrate every day.>

>From Al: What a politically correct Zen answer. No doubt you often get
nominated for
Student of the Week at your Zen Temple, and have won many times.

I can just envision you every day at the temple, first to arrive, your robes
always sharply pressed and immaculate, your Zen beanie's propeller always
into the wind, a bright smile to every sensei, followed by a humble bow.

I don't go to a temple every day, although I do awaken every day - maybe
that's the same thing.  I have no robes and no beanie with a propeller (but
I do have a knit 'squid' cap with tentacles I got in Newfoundland).  I also
unfortunately do not have a sensei at this time.


But there is a little known dark side to your sunny disposition. The side
that you keep hidden from everyone, including the Zen Forum.

I really didn't think my posts were all sunshine and lollipops.  I don't
have sides, light or dark, and I am visible for all to see.  Different
people see different things.

Soon all shall be revealed. With every post, you let a little crack of
sunshine into those dark corners.

No, Al!  Not the sunshine!  Anything but the sunshine!


Happy Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa/Saturday or whatever.Bill!


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