Dalai Lama vs. Rambo? The answer of this question can be seen in our near past. 
Gandhi and Martin Louter King choose the peace and they win. The communists all 
around the world choose the violence and they lose. You cant heal the suffer of 
some peoples bringing more suffer to other peoples. This is not the right way 
to do that.

                                     Peace Stanimir

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I think that even if Rambo killed the Dalai Lama, his disembodied spirit 
would just reincarnate to the next personification. Therefore, even if 
Rambo "won", he'd still lose in the long run.


Charlie wrote:
> In dealing with the current issues regarding religious freedom, I have
> to recall my recent visit to the cineplex where I took the kids from my
> class to see Rambo 4.
> Rambo deals with religious freedom in his new movie, and he deals with
> the Chinese Government too. Does he get better results than the Dalai
> Lama? What is better? Peaceful change or violent revolution?

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