Why don't we all grow up enlightened? Because during cognitive development our minds are programmed in various ways by our environments. The following is an analysis of how TV especially misprograms developing minds in very pernicious ways and adds layer upon layer to the veils of illusion making it much more difficult for those who grew up with TV to reach enlightenment.

As I implied in my original post the effect of TV is to mistrain developing minds when the neural networking is being formed. It does that by causing the mind to miswire itself to accommodate TV format as reality rather than the much slower less intense and more naturally interactive actual natural reality. This results in one of two primary syndromes. Either the mental circuitry miswires to constantly make very quick and emotion intense attention switches (ADD - ADHD) or to disengagement from other personalities (treating them as TV characters with whom no interaction is possible) which is characteristic of autism. Both of these syndromes are very close correlates of standard TV formats transferred to the developing mind and wired in during development.

Sadly there are also a host of other dysfunctional cognitive effects of TV, such as mental passivity, continuous mental distraction to 'pop' issues which have little bearing on successful living, desensitization to violence, pessimistic world views (bad news predominates over good news), hypocrisy and soap opera gotcha mentality, dysfunctional relationships between the sexes and generations as those are portrayed as antagonistic on TV, increasing belief in the supernatural and the religious (rarely challenged on TV), super patriotism (support the troops my country wrong or right mentality), sheep like acceptance of exploitation by the political- business oligarchy, superconsumerism for unneeded products, and on and on, . While some might argue these TV induced syndromes may not be cognitive disorders, they are most certainly dysfunctional and induce severely dysfunctional effects in both individuals and the US as a nation.

The sad thing is that it is almost impossible for humans to recognize their mental programming and how it affects how they view the world. While developing human minds have always been strongly programmed by their environments, that programming in general was far less pernicious since adaption to the local natural environment tended to maximize one's later success in that environment. Today's developing minds however are being forced to adapt to an extremely artificial environment of TV (include video games and computers and texting etc. too) whose format and/or content are controlled by sections of the media and business oligarchy. Many minds which would naturally adapt to more natural cognitive environments find it impossible to adapt to the new media environment and fall by the wayside, ending up as autistics, ADD-ADHDs, couch potatoes, compulsive consumers, patriotic cannon fodder, welfare class, etc.etc.etc..

Basically there are two kinds of people in this world: those who recognize they are programmed and try to identify and escape their programming to find the truth, and those who think they are their programming.... Know thyself....


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