Sorry no, but thanks for suggesting it. It's currently an oral teaching that I only reveal to female devotees!


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Did you write an article about this too? Let's get all the goodies.

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Jeni Jeni,

Historically there is a long history of discussions of sex and sexual energy associated with Zen, Tao, Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra all have their particular takes on the matter. The basic idea is that the sexual energy is one of the primary sources where chi enters one's body. At that point the idea is to use specific techniques to distribute that energy within one's energy centers and one's whole being to refresh it and make it strong and healthy, and enlightened rather than just immediately expending the sexual energy outward from its source. Tantra in particular advocates a man and a woman working together to do this. The idea is that they sexually join not with the goal of quick orgasm but with the goal of mutually stimulating and increasing the genital chi and then working together to distribute that through their chakras and entire bodies. The idea is that naturally a man and woman together can generate and move a lot more good energy than either alone.

In the past I've used this technique extensively and found it extremely effective and health inducing and an excellent technique on the path to enlightenment.


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When I was very sexually active, I felt life-power in sex. I think that is CHI, or is that like addiction? There is manic energy that came from sex and also from drugs. Is that Chi?

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