Good advice. Every moment is complete and whole in itself. Only when one starts comparing it to the illusion of what else it might have been does the present moment seem to suffer, but that is illusion.


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When work started getting to me I was lucky to have found the saying "work is just work." It was an amazing realization when I understood this. Focus on each moment of your work, then what others do is not so upsetting.

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I need help.

I have been working for this ultra-Christian, ultra-right wing
asshole who is the epitomie of hypocrisy.

He hardly ever comes to work. He claims his step-daughter is a 25
year old virgin and yet she lives with her boyfriend and regularly
goes on trips with him. She also works here and basically does
nothing except spend all day talking to the secretary, who also does
nothing except expose her cleavage and shove her tits in the boss's
face whenever he is around.

One step-son is a drug-dealer.

He left his previous wife to marry his secretary. He also left his
two young sons.

His new wife works with him and also never comes to work. When she
does show up for work she spends all day goofing off with her daugter
and the "head secreatary."

The husband and wife team are always getting ready for religious
retreats and missions, yet he is very verbally abusive to people, and
is constantly bad-mouthing all of his business competition, claiming
they are un-Christian or otherwise lacking in morality or character.

He claims that he disciples others, and I have a hard time NOT
LAUGHING when he says that. He claims to be a disciple of a fat slob
(not Buddha) who claims to be a Christian Minister, but this guy has
no church and does not work and lives from the donations from his
disciples. These folks are not part of any church, but they attend
local churches.

They seem like some kind of cult to me. They also seem to generally
act in a very self-serving and un-christian manner. I have gone to a
few of their meetings, and they basically run down other church
groups, bad-mouth Catholics (they claim Mother Theresa is burning in
Hell), and seem to think that they are the only ones called to God. I
stopped being invited to these meetings because apparently I was
not "called to God." I think it was because I never offered to give
the fat dude any money.

The Christian boss also speaks horribly about any of his former
employees who he has not parted amicably with. The most recent person
who left had about 25 hours trimmed from their paycheck, and got paid
about 6 weeks after leaving. This guy is very vindictive, and he
constantly has Jesus on his lips.

I really want to quit this job, but I am earning a decent income and
because the economy is down, I do not know that I could earn as much
somewhere else. What should I do? I do not like this environment of
lies and hypocrisy. I do not like seeing so many people standing
around doing nothing while I and another employee do most of the
work. I have a lot of issues here, and I would appreciate anyone and
everyone's help in sorting these things out. I do not want to react
to these folks, but I am feeling a lot of stress from the job. I need
to get it under control and understand why they are upsetting me so


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